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Dr. Clifton Ware is an international figure in the world of voice pedagogy. During the the past fifty years of teaching students how to sing — both nationally and internationally — Clif developed his signature “Efficient and Authentic Voice Technique”. What distinguishes his method is its holistic approach, simplicity, and effectiveness. Siingers find that they are able to ensure their vocal health while cultivating their own unique, expressive sound. This approach stands in sharp contrast to faddish techniques that encourage mimicking the vocalism, style, and qualities of other singers, possibly limiting their own vocal imprint and even harming their vocal instrument. The “Efficient and Authentic Voice Technique” produces singers that enjoy vocal power, range, ease, individuality, and a liberating learning process.

Be Grateful, No Matter What – SEF News-Views Digest

Two hands preserve a green tree against a thunder-storm. Concept of preservation of the nature.

SEF News-Views Digest No. 190 (11-22-17)
Clifton Ware, Editor-Publisher

How dissimilar this Thanksgiving week is when compared with last year’s. Although last year the nation was still reeling from the surprising outcomes of the topsy-turvy political races and elections, most Americans still held hopes for a settling down of the socio-political turmoil that had roiled civil society. Little did we suspect that an energized rightwing populist movement would further expand partisan worldviews.

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What Will It Take? – SEF News-Views Digest

SEF News-Views Digest No. 189 (11-15-17)
Clifton Ware, Editor-Publisher

What will it take to awaken the mass public to the rapidly developing, long-term crises humanity is facing—and will continue facing, but on ever-more challenging terms? If you’re like me, you’re overwhelmed with increasing complexity—the hallmark of present-day civilization—as we individually and collectively struggle to create stability in such bewildering times.

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Enlightenment—With Breadth and Depth – SEF News-Views Digest

> World Population Balance Overpopulation Weekend
Thurs., Nov. 9-12, Minneapolis locations
Events: 2 Meetups, a Film Fest, and a Potluck Supper.
[More Info: WPB Facebook Events page]

SEF News-Views Digest No. 188 (11-8-17)
Clifton Ware, Editor-Publisher

In the company of many concerned Americans, I share a deep concern about the appalling state of intellectual discourse in society, particularly in addressing issues of systemic importance to humankind. One of the first warnings of America’s shallow-thinking malady came from philosopher Allan Bloom with his groundbreaking 1987 book, The Closing of the American Mind. And ever since then, numbers of concerned educational experts have addressed this issue.

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Poor Over-Populated Earth – SEF News-Views Digest

SEF News-Views Digest No. 187 (11-1-17)
Clifton Ware, Editor-Publisher

Is the Earth overpopulated? While some less-informed population non-experts say “no”, most well-informed population experts voice an emphatic “YES”! Meanwhile, the majority of world citizens are either ignorant about the issue, or simply unconcerned. But everyone should be both concerned—and fully informed about the disastrous consequences of unchecked population growth.

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The Power of Words – SEF News-Views Digest

SEF News-Views Digest No. 186 (10-25-17)
Clifton Ware, Editor-Publisher

Many of our socio-political-ideological conflicts today are the result of ineffective communication between opposing parties. Inability to discuss certain topics intelligently and civilly is often associated with the type of language and terminology used in discourse. As an undergraduate philosophy major, the one solid lesson I learned was that, when discussing controversial topics, all debating parties should be expected to define any principal terms used.

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