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Sustainability Education Forum Editor-Publisher Dr. Clifton Ware is an international figure in the world of voice pedagogy. During the the past fifty years of teaching students how to sing -- both nationally and internationally -- Clif developed his signature "Efficient and Authentic Voice Technique". What distinguishes his method is its holistic approach, simplicity, and effectiveness. Siingers find that they are able to ensure their vocal health while cultivating their own unique, expressive sound. This approach stands in sharp contrast to faddish techniques that encourage mimicking the vocalism, style, and qualities of other singers, possibly limiting their own vocal imprint and even harming their vocal instrument. The "Efficient and Authentic Voice Technique" produces singers that enjoy vocal power, range, ease, individuality, and a liberating learning process.

The Hu-u-gest Lie of All – SEF News-Views Digest

SEF News-Views Digest No. 165 (3-15-17)
Clifton Ware, Editor-Publisher

According to sustainability expert Richard Heinberg, there exists an untruth that is both durable and bipartisan. It is a perilous omnipresent lie that’s reiterated ceaselessly within the business community, and promoted by most worldwide professional economists and politicians.

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Minimalism And Sustainability – SEF News-Views Digest

SEF News-Views Digest No. 163 (2-1-17)
Clifton Ware, Editor-Publisher

Want to live a more simple, value-based life? You’re in luck, as there’s plenty of information about creating a simpler lifestyle. In fact, a worldwide movement is gradually taking hold, mostly in developed nations, where a modern, highly consumptive life can be very stressful. Like many Americans, perhaps you, too, are experiencing an ongoing sense of busyness and frustration that borders on burnout. [By the way, being a minimalist doesn’t require carrying everything you own on your person, and your bike.]

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Healing Time On EarthOpinion: Healing Time On Earth – SEF News-Views Digest

SEF News-Views Digest No. 162 (1-25-17)
Clifton Ware, Editor-Publisher

Now that we have a new president, and cabinet—most having voiced intentions to oppose some vital eco-sustainability causes—it seems the sustainability community could use some healing. So when a Facebook “friend” posted “Healing Time on Earth”, a relatively unknown song by my favorite folk singer-songwriter John Denver, I eagerly listened to this inspiring rendition.

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Sustainability’s Multiple Facets and Faces – SEF News-Views Digest

CommunitySEF News-Views Digest No. 161 (1-18-17)
Clifton Ware, Editor-Publisher

This I know: diversity is evident everywhere in our modern world, most certainly within the ranks of sustainability advocates. Indeed, the sustainability community abounds with diverse interests and perspectives.

Some experts describe three major types of sustainability practitioners: light green—those who focus on easy practices, like recycling proper materials and reducing consumption; bright green—those highly optimistic folk who rely on high-tech solutions, such as electric cars, renewable energy, etc.; and dark green—those who are deeply concerned about the converging crises we face, and committed to understanding and promoting all sustainability issues.

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2017 Call for ‘Big Picture’ Folk – SEF News-Views Digest

The Big Picture of SustainabilitySEF News-Views Digest No. 160 (1-4-17)
Clifton Ware, Editor-Publisher

Welcome 2017! How about beginning the year with a unique sustainability event? Sustainability Forum: Threats and Opportunities will be held this Sat., Jan. 7, 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m., at the new Columbia Heights Public Library, 3939 Central Ave. N.E. At this free event you’ll experience three 30-minute presentations, featuring Mike Conley—The Perfect Storm: Our Sustainability Challenges; Alan Ware—Making the Connection: Overpopulation and Sustainability: and Matt Hoiland—Beyond Boom & Bust

If you’re the type of sustainability supporter who’s interested in understanding all of the many facets of sustainability—as opposed to focusing on special areas of expertise—you’ll enjoy associating with other like-minded, ‘big-picture’ thinkers. Many worthwhile organizations cater to people with special interests, including climate change, wildlife, resources, renewable energy, social equality, agriculture, population, and economic areas. But there are very few people—even in the sustainability movement—who demonstrate interest in grasping a big-picture view of how various aspects intersect and influence one another.

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