Earth Week Challenge

Group poses with litter collected during Earth Day Cleanup

Each year, Citizens for Sustainability partners with local organizations to bring you family-friendly Earth Day cleanup activities in St. Anthony Village. This year will be a little different but we hope that we can work together to keep our community clean!

Date and Time

Earth Week 2021 – Sunday April 18 to Saturday April 24

Cleanup Locations

  • Your neighborhood and area parks!


– Earth Week (April 18-24)
– Pick up trash individually or with your household (no groups please!)
– Take a photo of what you collect and share it to the CFS Facebook page or email
– Use Google My Maps to draw a line where you picked up trash or provide a brief description of where you collected material
– If possible, note the weight of the material you collected

– During COVID protocols, please do not gather in groups outside of your household
– Going on extra walks lately? Take a bag with you!
– Need an extra challenge for kids? Use a scavenger hunt!
– Protect yourself with gloves or use grabbers
– If working along roads, wear bright colors
– Stay off of private property
– Dispose of trash in your own waste bins or in public bins only
– Stay safe – do not touch needles or other sharp objects. Contact the city directly if there is anything dangerous or too heavy to pick up.


  • Keep SAV clean
  • Get outside for some exercise and fresh air
  • Prevent springtime flooding from clogged storm drains

Other Earth Week Events

Voices to Power: Doing the Greatest Good Fundraiser ($125)
April 22: 8:00 – 9:00am
Featuring Dr. Ben Santer, atmospheric scientist and storyteller, and Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson, Founder of Urban Ocean Lab and Co-Founder of the All We Can Save Project, in a moderated conversation with Climate Generation’s Jothsna Harris on the urgent mission of combatting disinformation and implementing equitable solutions to climate change.

The Global Problem of Pharmaceutical Pollution (Free RSVP)
April 22: 12:00 noon
Based in the United Kingdom, Dr. Boxall’s world-renowned research focuses on the emerging and future ecological and health risks posed by chemical contaminants in the natural environment. He will address the issue of pharmaceuticals in the environment. After his talk, Dr. Boxall will be joined by a panel of experts in Minnesota, Mark Ferrey of the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency and Eva Carlson, Director of University Relations for RoundtableRx to hear the extent of the problem here at home and how it is being addressed.

Sacred Ground: An Earth Day Celebration (Free RSVP)
April 22: 12:00 noon – 1:00 pm
Even though we’ll be gathering virtually again on this Earth Day 2021, we share a Sacred Ground beneath us all. Join us for a special event that will feed your soul and connect you to the sacredness of the earth. In our work to care for each other and care for our planet, we need moments like this to tap into our spiritual depths, to be inspired, to remember that the restoration of ecosystems includes the restoration of ourselves.

Minnesota Earth Day Green Gathering (Free RSVP)
April 22: 4:30 – 6:30 pm
An online event where you’ll be able to meet and chat with friends new and old across Minnesota’s environmental community! This event is open to all Minnesotans and neighbors who care about Earth Day and protecting our planet’s future.

Sea to source: Reducing plastics in our environment (Free RSVP)
April 23: 12:00 noon – 1:00 pm
Dr. Jambeck will not only discuss the methods and results of her research on plastic waste inputs, flows and recovery, but the related impacts and policies around the world. She will present an intervention framework to reduce plastic ending up in our environment, while sharing stories of integrating technology and citizen science, science communication, and community-level efforts to address plastic pollution around the globe.

Annual River Gorge Earth Day Cleanup (WAITLIST ONLY)
April 24: 9:30 am – 12:00 noon
Taking place just off of West River Parkway, this cleanup is an Earth Day tradition in the Minneapolis River Gorge. People come from throughout the local river corridor, neighborhoods and metro area to celebrate Earth Day and contribute to the health and vitality of the Mississippi River. We’ve returned to this site year after year and have noticed a dramatic improvement to the area thanks to dedicated volunteers like you!

Roseville Earth Day Celebration
April 24: 10:00 am – 2:00 pm

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