Personal Actions

Water conservation

In the home

  • install water-saving dual-flush toilets
  • install low-flow showerheads (1.5 gpm or less)
  • replace faucet aerators with 1.0 gpm for bathrooms and 1.5 gpm for kitchens
  • “If it’s yellow, let it mellow; If it’s brown, flush it down”
  • take sponge baths for regular bathing, shower infrequently
  • pour collected bath/shower water into toilet bowl to flush
  • turn off water while brushing teeth or soaping up in the shower
  • run full loads in washing machine and dishwasher

In your yard

  • install rain barrels on downspouts (if you have an asphalt roof, do not water edible plants)
  • plant native and drought-tolerant plants
  • let your lawn turn brown
  • check sprinkler system for leaks and pause the system on the days surrounding rain

Energy conservation

  • bike, walk, or roll instead of driving a car
  • turn off lights
  • set your thermometer up in the summer and down in the winter
  • turn off electronics and chargers when not in use
  • use ‘smart’ power strips which turn off several plugs when the primary device turns off

Waste reduction

  • repair or repurpose items before replacing them
  • take your own bags to the store
  • compost food waste at the drop off site near city hall or in your backyard
  • choose take-out restaurants with reusable or compostable containers
  • purchase products with high post-consumer recycled content

Renewable energy sources

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Additional resources: Green Ramsey, Hennepin County Green Notes