Climate Plan Expo

October 7, 10:00 am – noon, City Hall atrium

Join St. Anthony Parks & Environmental Commissioners and Citizens for Sustainability to provide your input to St. Anthony’s Climate Plan, learn about the Inflation Reduction Act, and how you can save money on your energy bill this winter season!


St. Anthony Parks & Environmental Commission will share

  • Climate Plan Survey results and themes
  • SAV emission trends and 2040 environmental goals
  • Collect your ideas about actions to include in our Climate Plan

Citizens for Sustainability will share

  • Actions and choices families can take to reduce emissions in your daily lives
  • Opportunities in the Inflation Reduction Act to save money with rebates and tax credits for energy efficiency, heat pumps, solar energy, and electric vehicles

Citizens Utility Board will help residents:

  • Identify opportunities for energy efficiency and ways to manage your energy bill
  • Sign up for a future review of your home energy use and ways to save on energy costs

Center for Energy & Environment – Home Energy Squad will help residents:

  • Learn about the process and benefits of a Home Energy Audits
  • Identify tax credits available to homeowners to reduce the cost of an audit

St. Anthony Middle School Students will:

  • Share their Student Climate Action Plan 
  • Challenge you to take a Carbon Footprint test and learn where you can make a difference

St. Anthony Homeowner with solar panels will share their experience using solar panels to generate electricity.