CFS Meeting Notes – November ’16

Nativity Lutheran Church’s series on Sustainability and Equity: We Are All In This Together

  • November 13, 9:00am use the lower door
  • Sustainability and Equity in City Plans and Community Projects, 9 – 10 AM, Sunday, November 13
    Presentations by Alexis Pennie, Redeemer Center for Life, Minneapolis, and Kristin Seaman, former St. Anthony Village Sustainability Coordinator
    What can cities do to incorporate sustainability and equity into the community for environmental benefits that serve all people? Kristin Seaman will talk about St. Anthony Village’s comprehensive plan, now under development. Alexis Pennie will talk about community projects in North Minneapolis to enhance biking and walking options to improve community health, safety and equity. Join the dialog and ask your questions about projects and plans that affect your everyday life.
    This is the second of a three-part series on sustainability and equity hosted by Nativity Lutheran Church. Location: Fellowship Hall, Nativity Lutheran Church, 3312 Silver Lake Road, St. Anthony, MN

January 7th Sustainability Forum featuring Michael Conley (with Alan Ware)

  • Conley Family Foundation, U of M OLLI instructor, late-life sustainability convert
  • other potential SEF topics
    • biomimicry (invite transition towns)
    • bring in Mark Casey on storm water
    • future ideas: streaming, smaller group discussions

Staying connected to city

  • invite Brianne or Mark Casey about
  • check in with Kristin Seaman about involving city
  • Heights Next is a pseudo transition towns group working on comp planning
    • trying to connect to city planning
    • creating an event for public input on comp plan
  • perhaps create a sustainability commission (official city role)
  • CFS give endorsements
  • how do we memorialize Kristin’s input in official report
  • year-end review with Mark Casey (a discussion)
  • can we review neighboring city comp plans before SAV’s is finalized

Engaging new and current members

  • Message for each city quarterly newsletter
  • Next Door
  • get meetings on city calendar
  • put meeting on city message board along Silver Lake Road
  • Partner with village people, SAV action committee, other Facebook groups

2017 meeting schedule

  • 2nd Tuesdays 7-8:15 am
  • Perkins? City Hall? Library?
  • volunteer for breakfast items
  • Saturday meetings in 2017:
    • Year end review on January 28th 10-noon
    • At VillageFest in August


  • walkabout!
  • electric car show
  • solar sub-group
  • bike/walk for sidewalk in Stinson
  • invitation to comp plan
  • Village Fest outreach
  • pollinator pathway

What’s next–ideas to focus on in 2017?

  • when will sust fair be?
  • Join/create green drink group or some other informal social networking
  • electric charging station (petition? Electric utility)
    • include in comp plan
  • can we be involved in next year’s Kristin selection? GreenCorps
  • equity
  • CURA partnership
  • urban farming in city property
  • push for a SAV sustainability director
  • Getting involved in schools
    • grants for greening the school (so you don’t need to go on a field trip)
    • involve parents
    • citizen guest speakers in class
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By Dan Kunitz

Dan Kunitz is a Minnesota native interested in decarbonization. He is a business analyst at the University of Minnesota and volunteers his website and design skills to Citizens for Sustainability.

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