April Meeting Notes

Advance Oxidation Plant update

  • How to sign up for email notifications. Quarterly newsletter, Police, 2016 street, water updates, 2017 street/utilities, Mirror, Lowry grove, 2017 37th sidewalk.

Demo Garden Grant Application

  • City applying to MWMO watershed for¬†Silver Point park (near the building)
  • What is the need/where can we add value?
    • Turf alternatives
    • rain garden
    • native planting (and along water bodies)
    • green wall
    • Shine a light on city’s stormwater handling
    • tie in to student organizations (ecology club, K kids (Kiwanis), scouts)
    • Event(s)
      • turf removal demo
      • pollinator planting demo
      • post-completion curriculum for ECFE at the park
      • Plan for what people can do with their kids (kids programming? Kristin R-M volunteers)
  • What are the barriers?
    • Communicating to people (budget)
    • Getting buy-in from neighbors/visitors
    • Finding vendors?
      • Earth wizards (Interfaith Power and Light)
    • Who maintains it?
      • Get commitment from the Parks Board early on
        • partner with Parks board to involve CFS
        • make it part of the board accountability/promotion
        • Friends for SAV Parks
      • Adopt-a-garden idea
        • CFS
      • Borrow from seasonal student employment hours?
    • Why?
      • native plants require less care
      • less pesticides
      • No-mow
    • gardening tools/where to purchase plants
      • lending library (county libraries? Use NE lending library?)
      • Sod remover from rental facility near Columbia Heights library
      • Mother Earth Gardens partnerships?
    • how/where to dispose of removed turfgrass

Transition Town talk invitation

  • There are 4 cities/neighborhood officially listed as transition towns
  • We could at least promote the two upcoming events
  • Provide direction (list our current issues (organics, local gov’t, etc.)
    • lessons learned
    • network
    • resources
    • common goals

Village Fest/Sustainability Fair

  • Place CFS member on planning
  • Label organizations with sustainability at the fair, rather than group booths
    • review process
    • award
  • Signup for Friends of the Parks at booth
  • Tour
  • Promote demo garden
  • Transportation
    • Add Electric Car show/Talk to Village Fest activity list on Saturday
    • Bike safety/rodeo, repairs, maintenance
    • Temp bike racks?
    • Free bike helmets/reflectors/etc. (Check Allina and counties)
  • Provide seats in the shade (extra tent)

Earth Day Cleanups

  • Didn’t end up in the Village Notes ūüôĀ
  • Kristin will create Facebook events to share
  • Are there any Earth Day construction projects we can feature?
  • Hand out seed packets?
  • Weigh/count garbage
  • Events
    • 9:00 cleanup at Trillium Park
      • Divide plants, trimming trees, hauling brush, some pickup
    • 9:15 cleanup at Salo Park
      • tidying/garbage pickup
    • 1:00 cleanup at Central Park
      • tidying/garbage pickup
    • Maybe put rain garden back together at Wilshire
    • Maybe Nativity could get involved (buckthorn removal, rain garden tidying)
    • 10:00 bus ride to the March for Science¬†from Nativity Lutheran Church (email¬†ddoerrer@nativitychurch.org to reserve a seat)
  • Engage churches/local businesses/handouts in our neighborhoods
    • Speak/announce at churches or in programs

Comp Plan Feedback

  • Mary comments:¬†Discuss transportation in sustainability chapter AND in each chapter related (like transportation)
  • City has received a lot of feedback
  • Does CFS want to submit a summary of feedback as CFS? Yes.
    • equitable sustainability initiatives?
  • Facebook poll?
  • Plan our quarterly Tuesday morning meeting in May
    • Plan for Tuesday morning meeting with Jay and Mark, May¬†23, two weeks prior to June 5th parks commission meeting for getting on their agenda
      • Agenda:
        • Ideas for organics collection
        • Comp plan feedback
        • Park planning (Friends of the Park idea)
        • Village Fest cross promotion?

Other Notes

  • Perhaps Nativity PopTops speaker Allen Anderson can be called upon
  • Post cards sent to CEOs about environment

CFS February Meeting Notes


Meeting with Mark Casey and Jay Hartmann

  • Parks Commission Meetings
    • Do our Tuesday morning meetings just before their meetings. Invite Parks Commission members to them or our Saturday meetings
      • March 6, 2017
      • June 5, 2017
      • September 5, 2017
      • December 4, 2017
  • Earth Day cleanups (April 22, 9-11am)
    • Locations
      • Salo Park: 9:15am – noon¬†(Clif & Bettye)
      • Trillium Park: SAV gardeners need help pruning if we could help organize
      • Central¬†Park:¬†get¬†help from¬†an NHS student
      • Faith: Rain garden cleanup. Should check with MWMO about master water steward volunteer hours or cub scout
    • Tasks
      • Village¬†Note article
        • Bring work gloves
      • Write¬†emails, too
  • GreenStep Cities Step 5 criteria is just¬†out
    • Can city¬†order street signs like you can order Tree City USA signs? Also, order those?
  • Adding “Sustainability” to the name of Parks Commission
    • Receptive to this change, but will have to check
  • Sustainability coordinator position?
    • No
  • Ice melt?
    • Salt/brine
    • Don’t use sand as much due to watershed
    • Staff are up to date on training
  • Organics Collection
    • No plan until demand
    • When pressed on a central option, they asked us¬†where it should be
    • Notes from the CFS group:
      • There is a student from U of M interested in using organics collection as their capstone project
        • Nate, Dan, Mark, Lona to meet with¬†student
      • Hennepin County has funding to expand organics collection
        • How has Minneapolis decided this
  • City water use
    • Stick with Odd/Even watering ban
    • Splash pads may run a few days this year
    • Can CFS help reach out to kids about water conservation contest?
      • Lona will check with ecology clubs
    • Can CFS look into neighbor comparison on use like Xcel does?
      • Lona is working on this, too
    • Rain Barrel offerings again in April
  • Lowry Grove
    • City has not gotten involved
    • Notes from CFS discussion:
      • PUD could be used to specify green space minimums
      • Feb 17:¬†Affordable Housing discussion surrounding¬†Lowry Grove re-development–could we bring up lack of green space?
      • Can CFS help organize help to preserve affordable housing
  • Silver Lake Carp removal
    • Success, but allowed more weeds to grow
    • Did DNR re-check lake?
      • Don’t know
  • Mirror Lake dredging
    • It’s ongoing
  • Water treatment project
    • It’s ongoing
  • 25% of city energy comes from Chisago County solar garden
  • Pollinator pathway signs are available–ask Jay
  • We received a copy of the Comp Plan
    • Send feedback to Mark

Legislative updates

  • Education legislation
  • Environmental legislation

Kristin will provide update on grants

  • Kristin was not present–we’ll have to follow up
  • Water Stewards could use projects

Next Parks Commission Meeting- prepare update/proposal for Park Clean Up for Earth Day?

  • What to talk about at March 6 Parks Commission meeting
    • Request the name change
    • Pollinator Pathway next steps
    • Bike/walk component? Kathy has
    • 37th Ave sidewalks
    • Bring up organics to place in a park
      • Works at Minneapolis parks
    • Liaison to our meeting

Notes/Agenda items for next time

  • Nativity redesigning their outdoor learning environment
  • Wilshire Park’s rain garden
  • What to add to the Village Notes before April 1
    • Promote SAV sustainability section on their website
    • Earth Day cleanups
  • Faith: Solar panels are going up in June
  • Nativity: could make only 2% of power through solar
  • CERTs has a “Right Light” guide
  • Make better use of the CFS Facebook page
  • When do we start planning VillageFest topics? Potential ideas:
    • Kid-friendly activity
      • clippings
    • Feature LEDs?
    • Feature solar?
    • Get sponsorship?!

Upcoming Events

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CFS Meeting Notes ‚Äď January ‚Äô16

Notes from Saturday, January 28, 2017 CFS Meeting


2017 schedule

  • survey shows top results 1.5 hr, monthly meeting on Saturdays; then second best is Tuesday earlier.
  • Decision:
    • monthly Saturday meetings (2nd Saturday, 10-11:30) ‚ÄĒFeb 11, March 11, April 8, May 20, June 10,¬† July 15, August off (VillageFest), Sept 9, Oct 14, Nov 11, Dec 9.
    • Ask Jay: Quarterly Tuesday morning meetings (7am)‚ÄĒApril , July, Oct, Jan

Prioritize topics and plan a discussion with Jay and Mark

questions beginning with highest priority
Attendees: Clif, Bettye, Paul, Lona (where will meeting take place?)

Topics for Tuesday:

  1. Quarterly Tuesday morning meetings in April, July, Oct, Jan for overlap with city staff
    • Pick Dates
  2. What sustainability initiatives are in comp plan?
    • (comp plan report from June meeting is on the SAV website)
    • When draft is done in the summer, there will likely be a public event
    • We could coordinate volunteers
  3. Earth Day/Week park cleanup event(s)
    • What can we do to help the Parks Commission plan this?
    • Could we place the city staff at parks to thank residents?
    • Can city provide bags and pick up?
    • Can city put up signs in each of 5 couple weeks in advance?
    • Adopt-a-park for organizations?
  4. GreenStep City Step 4 (Kristen has electronic copy)
    • Is there any way the residents can help city apply?
    • Perhaps CFS members could focus in on specific areas
    • Any relationship to resilience section of the comp plan
  5. Since Parks commission does sustainability,¬†add ‚ÄúSustainability‚ÄĚ in the name?
  6. Sustainability Coordinator
    • Can we get a full-time SAV sustainability coordinator shared with Falcon Heights?
    • Can we help right write the application/choose projects for a green corps member?
  7. Street ice melt composition?
    • Brine/Salt/etc.
  8. Organics collection
    • The city hauler¬†collection agreement required haulers to be ready to implement organics collection 1/1/2016, what came of that?
    • In Elk River it cost $250/month for a large organics dumpster
    • Now that organized collection is settling in, add organics pickup?
    • Can we just put organics bins in parks/city parking lots?
  9. Regulations on water efficiency
    • Is there any policy for city water use?
    • Add odd/even restrictions officially?
    • Can we help educate residents?
  10. Lowry Grove
    • Awesome that kids are able to finish school year!
    • Are there meetings for public input?
    • Sidewalk requirements? Any coordination with public transit?

Topics for a future meeting:

  1. Tree diversity
    • What trees are suggested to residents for streets project? Any food trees?
    • Tree sale/discount to residents?
    • Can we connect with Roseville arboretum
  2. Transition plantings at city hall and in parks (changing)
    • Does the city have any plans, how can we help (pollinator benefits, not spraying)
    • Apply for a watershed grant for Trillium park/Silver Point Park?
  3. Light pollution
    • Is there any policy? Can we help educate?
  4. Energy efficiency
    • Are there city buildings codes regarding efficiency? Can we suggest improvements?
    • Can we promote Excel energy¬†audit
    • Campaign to recognize both a business and resident in efforts to conserve energy
  5. Sustainability Fair
    • Can we/city plan it? Tie in to Earth Week.
    • Instead of a student poster session with talks, focus on brief talks/panels with vendors. It‚Äôd be great to hear Mark and Jerry about city sustainability?
    • Have it in the Spring instead?
    • Maybe have it at city hall? Outdoors?
  6. As an alternate plan to U of M-planned Sustainability Fair Elk River paired up with University of St. Thomas
    • The city of elk river and also the Mississippi WMO have partnered with the program which pairs city sustainability project needs with university classes. They are looking at add more partners for the fall semester and I would be happy to coordinate a meeting with the director, Maria Thomas. You can see the projects completed and get her contact information at¬†https://www.stthomas.edu/osi/sustainablecommunitiespartnership/

Earth Day/Week cleanup

  • Communicate in March and ask if anyone has relationships with: Scouts, Ecology Club, Key club, NHS, Kiwanis

Can we work with another college/university for a Sustainability Fair?

  • What other students/classes can we work with?
  • Thoughts on kitchen composting using enzymes/bacteria

Brain storm with Kristin S areas to focus in 2017 to build on her work, and areas she thinks have greater likelihood of success getting city support

  • Will work with MWMO grant on water related project which includes part of SAV
    • Events: Sweep up clippings off the street into the grass
    • Adopt a storm drain
    • Maybe a grant to reduce runoff going straight from lawns to street

Brief updates:

  • Nativity seed exchange/pollinator event
  • Nativity outdoor learning environment
  • Parks Commission update on Pollinator Pathway success?
    • Kristen already presented an update

Upcoming Events

CFS Meeting Notes – December ’16

Survey of Tuesday vs Saturday

  • Brianne is in on Tuesday, so Tuesday mornings would be a good time

Organics Collection

  • U pays $64/ton for waste, $15/ton for organics
  • Minneapolis is opt-in organics
  • Hennepin/Ramsey drop off sites do collect organics (except Arden hills)
  • Elk river (and others) participate in a blue bag program where residents are sent blue compostable bags and put in regular garbage bin
  • Is SAV requiring haulers take waste to waste-to-energy
  • Do SAV haulers offer organics anywhere else?
  • Could we ask haulers to put organics bins in parks and other large parking lots like Minneapolis?
  • Columbia heights has community collection locations
  • We usually meet with Jay in January, this can be included


  • Better leverage quarterly¬†Village Notes

3 meeting series at Nativity

  • Latest was on trees
    • maple are no longer suggested
      • diversity is more important
    • perhaps we could suggest what trees are offered to residents after street replacements
      • tree city should have done an assessment
    • what does the city plant on its own land?
    • work with landscaping companies to influence
    • gather list of trees more resilient to climate change

Dark sky compliance

  • suggest compliance in comp plan
    • members could do an informal assay

Working with the city

  • City could sponsor xcel/centerpoint energy audits
  • What ordinances can the city write toward business energy?
    • there is a state energy code for remodeling and new construction
    • what about when a building’s use changes?
    • aging natural gas line replacement taxes?
  • how do we incentivize energy efficiency?
    • is there funding for a city award

Water quality

  • water/fertilizer/pesticide use
  • salt use
  • could we work with watershed?
  • do the master water steward program (fresh water society, water districts)
    • participants are required to volunteer/educate
    • we could ask for volunteer participation
  • grass alternatives
    • cut high,¬†leave clippings,¬†spread compost not commercial fertilizers,¬†normalize native plantings/grasses
    • make city property an example
      • more broad plantings, not just feature gardens
      • attach to storm water efforts
        • golf courses, cemeteries, schools, business complexes
    • awards?
      • we have pollinator and rain garden awards, can we setup an award for responsible landscaping

Lowry Grove

  • city has a lot of leverage when a large space is redeveloped
    • make an example
    • too high?
    • additional traffic
    • additional students in a crowded district
    • alert each other when Lowry Grove meetings occur
    • environmental review?
      • citizens can petition for an environmental review, if it hasn’t happened
    • with higher density, we need to be sure it has green space
  • letter writing campaign (create form letter)
    • environmental review
    • density
    • affordability (how does developer care for existing residents)
    • write to¬†city council
    • invite Brianne to meeting with Jay

Sustainability plans to review

  • Falcon Heights
  • Maplewood

Next GreenCorps member

  • Nothing known yet

GreenSteps city

  • request SAV data from step 4


  • Ecology club weekly meetings,¬†2:15/2:30 on Tuesdays
    • opportunity for citizens to come in

Kudos to NE Middle School’s rain garden

  • MWMO funded
  • 5 contractors involved

January 28th meeting

  • should be potluck

CFS Meeting Notes – November ’16

Nativity¬†Lutheran Church’s series on Sustainability and Equity: We Are All In This Together

  • November 13, 9:00am use the lower door
  • Sustainability and Equity in City Plans and Community Projects, 9 – 10 AM, Sunday, November 13
    Presentations by Alexis Pennie, Redeemer Center for Life, Minneapolis, and Kristin Seaman, former St. Anthony Village Sustainability Coordinator
    What can cities do to incorporate sustainability and equity into the community for environmental benefits that serve all people? Kristin Seaman will talk about St. Anthony Village’s comprehensive plan, now under development. Alexis Pennie will talk about community projects in North Minneapolis to enhance biking and walking options to improve community health, safety and equity. Join the dialog and ask your questions about projects and plans that affect your everyday life.
    This is the second of a three-part series on sustainability and equity hosted by Nativity Lutheran Church. Location: Fellowship Hall, Nativity Lutheran Church, 3312 Silver Lake Road, St. Anthony, MN

January 7th Sustainability Forum featuring Michael Conley (with Alan Ware)

  • Conley Family Foundation, U of M OLLI instructor, late-life sustainability convert
  • other potential SEF topics
    • biomimicry (invite transition towns)
    • bring in Mark Casey on storm water
    • future ideas: streaming, smaller group discussions

Staying connected to city

  • invite Brianne or Mark Casey about
  • check in with Kristin Seaman about involving city
  • Heights Next is a pseudo transition towns group working on comp planning
    • trying to connect to city planning
    • creating an event for public input on comp plan
  • perhaps create a sustainability commission (official city role)
  • CFS give endorsements
  • how do we memorialize Kristin’s input in official report
  • year-end review with Mark Casey (a discussion)
  • can we review neighboring city comp plans before SAV’s is finalized

Engaging new and current members

  • Message for each city quarterly newsletter
  • Next Door
  • get meetings on city calendar
  • put meeting on city message board along Silver Lake Road
  • Partner with village people, SAV action committee, other Facebook groups

2017 meeting schedule

  • 2nd Tuesdays 7-8:15 am
  • Perkins? City Hall? Library?
  • volunteer for breakfast items
  • Saturday meetings in 2017:
    • Year end review on January 28th¬†10-noon
    • At VillageFest in August


  • walkabout!
  • electric car show
  • solar sub-group
  • bike/walk for sidewalk in Stinson
  • invitation to comp plan
  • Village Fest outreach
  • pollinator pathway

What’s next–ideas to focus on in 2017?

  • when will sust fair be?
  • Join/create green drink group or some other informal social networking
  • electric charging station (petition? Electric utility)
    • include in comp plan
  • can we be involved in next year’s Kristin selection? GreenCorps
  • equity
  • CURA partnership
  • urban farming in city property
  • push for a SAV sustainability director
  • Getting involved in schools
    • grants for greening the school (so you don’t need to go on a field trip)
    • involve parents
    • citizen guest speakers in class
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