CFS Meeting Notes – December ’16

Survey of Tuesday vs Saturday

  • Brianne is in on Tuesday, so Tuesday mornings would be a good time

Organics Collection

  • U pays $64/ton for waste, $15/ton for organics
  • Minneapolis is opt-in organics
  • Hennepin/Ramsey drop off sites do collect organics (except Arden hills)
  • Elk river (and others) participate in a blue bag program where residents are sent blue compostable bags and put in regular garbage bin
  • Is SAV requiring haulers take waste to waste-to-energy
  • Do SAV haulers offer organics anywhere else?
  • Could we ask haulers to put organics bins in parks and other large parking lots like Minneapolis?
  • Columbia heights has community collection locations
  • We usually meet with Jay in January, this can be included


  • Better leverage quarterly Village Notes

3 meeting series at Nativity

  • Latest was on trees
    • maple are no longer suggested
      • diversity is more important
    • perhaps we could suggest what trees are offered to residents after street replacements
      • tree city should have done an assessment
    • what does the city plant on its own land?
    • work with landscaping companies to influence
    • gather list of trees more resilient to climate change

Dark sky compliance

  • suggest compliance in comp plan
    • members could do an informal assay

Working with the city

  • City could sponsor xcel/centerpoint energy audits
  • What ordinances can the city write toward business energy?
    • there is a state energy code for remodeling and new construction
    • what about when a building’s use changes?
    • aging natural gas line replacement taxes?
  • how do we incentivize energy efficiency?
    • is there funding for a city award

Water quality

  • water/fertilizer/pesticide use
  • salt use
  • could we work with watershed?
  • do the master water steward program (fresh water society, water districts)
    • participants are required to volunteer/educate
    • we could ask for volunteer participation
  • grass alternatives
    • cut high, leave clippings, spread compost not commercial fertilizers, normalize native plantings/grasses
    • make city property an example
      • more broad plantings, not just feature gardens
      • attach to storm water efforts
        • golf courses, cemeteries, schools, business complexes
    • awards?
      • we have pollinator and rain garden awards, can we setup an award for responsible landscaping

Lowry Grove

  • city has a lot of leverage when a large space is redeveloped
    • make an example
    • too high?
    • additional traffic
    • additional students in a crowded district
    • alert each other when Lowry Grove meetings occur
    • environmental review?
      • citizens can petition for an environmental review, if it hasn’t happened
    • with higher density, we need to be sure it has green space
  • letter writing campaign (create form letter)
    • environmental review
    • density
    • affordability (how does developer care for existing residents)
    • write to city council
    • invite Brianne to meeting with Jay

Sustainability plans to review

  • Falcon Heights
  • Maplewood

Next GreenCorps member

  • Nothing known yet

GreenSteps city

  • request SAV data from step 4


  • Ecology club weekly meetings, 2:15/2:30 on Tuesdays
    • opportunity for citizens to come in

Kudos to NE Middle School’s rain garden

  • MWMO funded
  • 5 contractors involved

January 28th meeting

  • should be potluck

By Dan Kunitz

Dan Kunitz is a Minnesota native interested in decarbonization. He is a business analyst at the University of Minnesota and volunteers his website and design skills to Citizens for Sustainability.

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