CFS Meeting Notes – January ’16

Notes from Saturday, January 28, 2017 CFS Meeting


2017 schedule

  • survey shows top results 1.5 hr, monthly meeting on Saturdays; then second best is Tuesday earlier.
  • Decision:
    • monthly Saturday meetings (2nd Saturday, 10-11:30) —Feb 11, March 11, April 8, May 20, June 10,  July 15, August off (VillageFest), Sept 9, Oct 14, Nov 11, Dec 9.
    • Ask Jay: Quarterly Tuesday morning meetings (7am)—April , July, Oct, Jan

Prioritize topics and plan a discussion with Jay and Mark

questions beginning with highest priority
Attendees: Clif, Bettye, Paul, Lona (where will meeting take place?)

Topics for Tuesday:

  1. Quarterly Tuesday morning meetings in April, July, Oct, Jan for overlap with city staff
    • Pick Dates
  2. What sustainability initiatives are in comp plan?
    • (comp plan report from June meeting is on the SAV website)
    • When draft is done in the summer, there will likely be a public event
    • We could coordinate volunteers
  3. Earth Day/Week park cleanup event(s)
    • What can we do to help the Parks Commission plan this?
    • Could we place the city staff at parks to thank residents?
    • Can city provide bags and pick up?
    • Can city put up signs in each of 5 couple weeks in advance?
    • Adopt-a-park for organizations?
  4. GreenStep City Step 4 (Kristen has electronic copy)
    • Is there any way the residents can help city apply?
    • Perhaps CFS members could focus in on specific areas
    • Any relationship to resilience section of the comp plan
  5. Since Parks commission does sustainability, add “Sustainability” in the name?
  6. Sustainability Coordinator
    • Can we get a full-time SAV sustainability coordinator shared with Falcon Heights?
    • Can we help right write the application/choose projects for a green corps member?
  7. Street ice melt composition?
    • Brine/Salt/etc.
  8. Organics collection
    • The city hauler collection agreement required haulers to be ready to implement organics collection 1/1/2016, what came of that?
    • In Elk River it cost $250/month for a large organics dumpster
    • Now that organized collection is settling in, add organics pickup?
    • Can we just put organics bins in parks/city parking lots?
  9. Regulations on water efficiency
    • Is there any policy for city water use?
    • Add odd/even restrictions officially?
    • Can we help educate residents?
  10. Lowry Grove
    • Awesome that kids are able to finish school year!
    • Are there meetings for public input?
    • Sidewalk requirements? Any coordination with public transit?

Topics for a future meeting:

  1. Tree diversity
    • What trees are suggested to residents for streets project? Any food trees?
    • Tree sale/discount to residents?
    • Can we connect with Roseville arboretum
  2. Transition plantings at city hall and in parks (changing)
    • Does the city have any plans, how can we help (pollinator benefits, not spraying)
    • Apply for a watershed grant for Trillium park/Silver Point Park?
  3. Light pollution
    • Is there any policy? Can we help educate?
  4. Energy efficiency
    • Are there city buildings codes regarding efficiency? Can we suggest improvements?
    • Can we promote Excel energy audit
    • Campaign to recognize both a business and resident in efforts to conserve energy
  5. Sustainability Fair
    • Can we/city plan it? Tie in to Earth Week.
    • Instead of a student poster session with talks, focus on brief talks/panels with vendors. It’d be great to hear Mark and Jerry about city sustainability?
    • Have it in the Spring instead?
    • Maybe have it at city hall? Outdoors?
  6. As an alternate plan to U of M-planned Sustainability Fair Elk River paired up with University of St. Thomas
    • The city of elk river and also the Mississippi WMO have partnered with the program which pairs city sustainability project needs with university classes. They are looking at add more partners for the fall semester and I would be happy to coordinate a meeting with the director, Maria Thomas. You can see the projects completed and get her contact information at

Earth Day/Week cleanup

  • Communicate in March and ask if anyone has relationships with: Scouts, Ecology Club, Key club, NHS, Kiwanis

Can we work with another college/university for a Sustainability Fair?

  • What other students/classes can we work with?
  • Thoughts on kitchen composting using enzymes/bacteria

Brain storm with Kristin S areas to focus in 2017 to build on her work, and areas she thinks have greater likelihood of success getting city support

  • Will work with MWMO grant on water related project which includes part of SAV
    • Events: Sweep up clippings off the street into the grass
    • Adopt a storm drain
    • Maybe a grant to reduce runoff going straight from lawns to street

Brief updates:

  • Nativity seed exchange/pollinator event
  • Nativity outdoor learning environment
  • Parks Commission update on Pollinator Pathway success?
    • Kristen already presented an update

Upcoming Events

By Dan Kunitz

Dan Kunitz is a Minnesota native interested in decarbonization. He is a business analyst at the University of Minnesota and volunteers his website and design skills to Citizens for Sustainability.

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