Neighborhood Clean Up Challenge

Each year, Citizens for Sustainability partners with local organizations to bring you family-friendly Earth Day cleanup activities in St. Anthony Village. This year will be a little different but we hope that we can work together to keep our community clean!

Date and Time:

Earth Week – Sunday April 19 to Saturday April 25

Cleanup Locations

  • Your neighborhood and parks!


– Earth Week (April 19-25)
– Pick up trash individually or with your houshold (no groups please!)
– Take a photo of what you collect and share it to the CFS Facebook page or email
– Use Google My Maps to draw a line where you picked up trash or provide a brief description of where you collected material
– If possible, note the weight of the material you collected

– During COVID protocols, please do not gather in groups outside of your household
– Going on extra walks lately? Take a bag with you!
– Need an extra challenge for kids? Use a scavenger hunt!
– Protect yourself with gloves or use grabbers
– If working along roads, wear bright colors
– Stay off of private property
– Dispose of trash in your own waste bins or in public bins only
– Stay safe – do not touch needles or other sharp objects. Contact the city directly if there is anything dangerous or too heavy to pick up.


  • Keep SAV clean
  • Get outside for some exercise and fresh air
  • Prevent springtime flooding from clogged storm drains

Thank you

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