April Meeting Notes

Advance Oxidation Plant update

  • How to sign up for email notifications. Quarterly newsletter, Police, 2016 street, water updates, 2017 street/utilities, Mirror, Lowry grove, 2017 37th sidewalk.

Demo Garden Grant Application

  • City applying to MWMO watershed for Silver Point park (near the building)
  • What is the need/where can we add value?
    • Turf alternatives
    • rain garden
    • native planting (and along water bodies)
    • green wall
    • Shine a light on city’s stormwater handling
    • tie in to student organizations (ecology club, K kids (Kiwanis), scouts)
    • Event(s)
      • turf removal demo
      • pollinator planting demo
      • post-completion curriculum for ECFE at the park
      • Plan for what people can do with their kids (kids programming? Kristin R-M volunteers)
  • What are the barriers?
    • Communicating to people (budget)
    • Getting buy-in from neighbors/visitors
    • Finding vendors?
      • Earth wizards (Interfaith Power and Light)
    • Who maintains it?
      • Get commitment from the Parks Board early on
        • partner with Parks board to involve CFS
        • make it part of the board accountability/promotion
        • Friends for SAV Parks
      • Adopt-a-garden idea
        • CFS
      • Borrow from seasonal student employment hours?
    • Why?
      • native plants require less care
      • less pesticides
      • No-mow
    • gardening tools/where to purchase plants
      • lending library (county libraries? Use NE lending library?)
      • Sod remover from rental facility near Columbia Heights library
      • Mother Earth Gardens partnerships?
    • how/where to dispose of removed turfgrass

Transition Town talk invitation

  • There are 4 cities/neighborhood officially listed as transition towns
  • We could at least promote the two upcoming events
  • Provide direction (list our current issues (organics, local gov’t, etc.)
    • lessons learned
    • network
    • resources
    • common goals

Village Fest/Sustainability Fair

  • Place CFS member on planning
  • Label organizations with sustainability at the fair, rather than group booths
    • review process
    • award
  • Signup for Friends of the Parks at booth
  • Tour
  • Promote demo garden
  • Transportation
    • Add Electric Car show/Talk to Village Fest activity list on Saturday
    • Bike safety/rodeo, repairs, maintenance
    • Temp bike racks?
    • Free bike helmets/reflectors/etc. (Check Allina and counties)
  • Provide seats in the shade (extra tent)

Earth Day Cleanups

  • Didn’t end up in the Village Notes 🙁
  • Kristin will create Facebook events to share
  • Are there any Earth Day construction projects we can feature?
  • Hand out seed packets?
  • Weigh/count garbage
  • Events
    • 9:00 cleanup at Trillium Park
      • Divide plants, trimming trees, hauling brush, some pickup
    • 9:15 cleanup at Salo Park
      • tidying/garbage pickup
    • 1:00 cleanup at Central Park
      • tidying/garbage pickup
    • Maybe put rain garden back together at Wilshire
    • Maybe Nativity could get involved (buckthorn removal, rain garden tidying)
    • 10:00 bus ride to the March for Science from Nativity Lutheran Church (email ddoerrer@nativitychurch.org to reserve a seat)
  • Engage churches/local businesses/handouts in our neighborhoods
    • Speak/announce at churches or in programs

Comp Plan Feedback

  • Mary comments: Discuss transportation in sustainability chapter AND in each chapter related (like transportation)
  • City has received a lot of feedback
  • Does CFS want to submit a summary of feedback as CFS? Yes.
    • equitable sustainability initiatives?
  • Facebook poll?
  • Plan our quarterly Tuesday morning meeting in May
    • Plan for Tuesday morning meeting with Jay and Mark, May 23, two weeks prior to June 5th parks commission meeting for getting on their agenda
      • Agenda:
        • Ideas for organics collection
        • Comp plan feedback
        • Park planning (Friends of the Park idea)
        • Village Fest cross promotion?

Other Notes

  • Perhaps Nativity PopTops speaker Allen Anderson can be called upon
  • Post cards sent to CEOs about environment

By Dan Kunitz

Dan Kunitz is a Minnesota native interested in decarbonization. He is a business analyst at the University of Minnesota and volunteers his website and design skills to Citizens for Sustainability.

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