May Meeting Notes


  • Planning for Tuesday morning meeting with Jay and Mark (5/23)
    • Present ideas for organics collection
    • Comp plan feedback
    • Park planning (Friends of the Park idea)
    • Village Fest cross promotion?
  • Review of Earth Day
  • Updates on any projects/sub-committees


  • Planning for Tuesday morning meeting with Jay and Mark (5/23)
    • Kristin will check in with Jay and Mark about Tuesday’s meeting (5/23)
    • Where are we at with chickens/bees ordinances
    • Review of comp plan sustainability section
    • Friends of the Park–organize activities on events
    • VillageFest: Ask if city would coordinate with us on a booth and electric car show
      • plan to do walk again

Organics pickup

  • pilot area?
  • Perhaps push home composting
  • Incentivize organics pickup with cheaper trash pickup
  • When are the city hauler contracts up for review?
  • Check out Tacoma, WA’s program

City Council Meeting (5/23)

  • Michael will go in front of the city Tuesday to make his case for owning chickens

Friends of the Parks idea

  • Invite Friends of Roseville Parks to a future meeting (first Fridays 9am)
  • Invite Kristin S to talk about Woodbury at that day
  • Invite the city to attend this.
  • Add signs to parks where there will be a cleanup
    • Some funding from city for supplies/treats

Agenda for next time: June 10

  • VillageFest
  • Transition Towns meeting outside of CFS meeting (Clif will contact Leslie)
    • invite social justice groups

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