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Transitioning Ahead, July 27-30 – SEF News-Views Digest

SEF News-Views Digest No. 176 (7-26-17)
Clifton Ware, Editor-Publisher

This issue marks a return to the weekly delivery of yore. The every-other week publishing schedule worked well for the past three months, but two issues ago I began reducing the descriptions of articles to about half of the wording used previously. This approach has resulted in a reduced time commitment, so, for now, we’ll return to weekly issues—except for occasional timeout breaks.

Another reason for publishing this issue is to reemphasize and highlight the very special, first-time Transition US National Gathering, which will be held at Macalester College July 27-31Continue reading Transitioning Ahead, July 27-30 – SEF News-Views Digest

CFS July Meeting Notes

Village Fest (4th parade, 5th for booth)

  • Parade: Ask if walkers are interested
    • Candy
  • 3 messages: Organics, city council, electric cars
    • Tent (Kristin)
    • Which electric cars
    • Lona will get spots for cars and
  • Organics
    • Hauling it
    • Compost bin
      • Lona will bring examples of home compost
  • Questions for city council survey below
    • table-sized paper with markers
      • “What questions do you have for the city about your environmental concerns?”
    • Suggestion box
    • Clipboards with questions
    • Display city email address
  • Transportation Multi-modal
    • Bike (electric)–Mary and Clif talking to bike shops
    • Walk
    • Electric Vehicles

Surveying city council candidates

  • what questions could we ask of a city council/school board candidate?
    • We’re a citizen committee, you’re welcome to come to our September meeting, but we have some questions
    • Use Village Fest to generate questions
  • are there any folks in CFS interested?
    • Dan will write up a blurb about local engagement being a good way to get policy change
      • Get involved in Two city council positions are up in the fall, applications are ___
  • Ask city to make city council commitment clearer
    • Mary will check in with

Review of Transition Forum event

  • Lona and Dan provided a summary of the event
    • Meeting in people’s homes
    • Having guest speakers
    • Reach out to elder neighbors
    • Go to transition town national:

Updates from projects/sub-committees

  • Ecology Club will happen at Elementary and Middle
    • Jay and Erin met about water conservation campaign
    • Laura (school board)
  • Parks Commission presentation (Lona)
    • Propose a Parks Commission name change
    • Should we become part of the Parks Commission?
      • No, but we should attend every Parks Commission meeting
    • Propose a regular environmental update
    • Sustainability Fair
      • Make it a city thing

Village Fest booth: Michael will do early shift.

Registration for Parade/Booth

City Council candidates


Transition To a Sustainable Future – SEF News-Views Digest

SEF News-Views Digest No. 174 (7-5-17)
Clifton Ware, Editor-Publisher

Citizens for Sustainability Transition Forum

Helping Our Community Transition To A Sustainable Future

Sat., July 8, 3-4:30 p.m.
St. Anthony Village City Hall Council Chambers,  3301 Silver Lake Rd.

Leslie McKenzie, presenter
Assisted by Tim Jordan and Michael Russelle


Leslie Mackenzie, a writer-editor, serves as Community Organizer with Transition Twin Cities ( She is a active leader in Transition Longfellow, a community in  south Minneapolis. She as also been active with the Tapestry Folkdance Center and  FindLaw, a Thomson Reuters Business. Leslie leads transition workshops, and serves as the Twin Cities coordinator for the first Transition US National Gathering, which will be held at Macalester College in St. Paul, July 27-31.

According to the article, “Partnerships in Sustainability” by Leslie Mackenzie and Marty Lewis, Transition Towns is a citizen-led movement that seeks to address individual and societal dependence on fossil fuels and the need to reduce greenhouse gas production in order to fight climate change. The foundation of Transition is permaculture, a design process based on whole-systems thinking informed by the patterns and relationships found in nature. Since its inception in 2005, the Transition movement has spread worldwide, as people in small groups and across large towns look for ways to take practical action to fight climate change: from home vegetable gardens to weatherization-work parties, from time banks and tool shares to renewable energy systems. Transition looks different in every location because it meets the needs and draws on the skills of the local community. This article looks at Transition in one community: The Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, profiling several Transition Town groups.

Note: Since last week’s issue was originally intended for this week, this issue is truncated, listing fewer articles, and with a minimal description of each. This might become the format, which is simpler to manage and easier to read or scan. Please let me know what you think.


> Common Dreams: It’s Time For Medicare For All (Robert Reich). To make matters even worse for Americans, the nation’s private health insurers are merging like mad in order to suck in even more money from consumers and taxpayers by reducing competition

> Peak Prosperity: The Looming Energy Shock (Chris Martenson). There will be an extremely painful oil supply shortfall sometime between 2018 and 2020. It will be highly disruptive to our over-leveraged global financial system, given how saddled it is with record debts and unfunded IOUs.

> Common Dreams: What Happened To America’s Wealth? The Rich Hid It. (Chuck Collins). There are actually trillions that could be used to fix our roads and schools. The wealthy just don’t want you to know where it is.

> Yes! Magazine: Why Climate Change Belongs In The Health Care Debate (Stephen Miller). I know what global warming is doing to our ecosystems. Given the serious implications droughts, floods, and fires pose to our health, shouldn’t climate change be part of the health care discussions?

> Peak Prosperity: Joseph Tainter: The Collapse Of Complex Societies (Interview: Adam Taggart, Chris Martenson). Tainter argues that the sustainability or collapse of a society follows from the success or failure of its problem-solving institutions, with societies collapsing when their investments in social complexity and their energy subsidies reach a point of diminishing marginal returns, which indicates we are likely already past the tipping point towards collapse.


> Nature: Three Years To Safeguard Our Climate (Christiana Figueres, and five colleagues). “Should emissions continue to rise beyond 2020, or even remain level, the temperature goals set in Paris become almost unattainable,” they write.

> The Guardian: Mayors Of 7,400 Cities Vow To Meet Obama’s Climate Commitments (Daniel Boffey). In opposition to Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Accord, 7,456 cities, representing 680, 610, 749 people worldwide, and 9.40% of the total global population, have committed to the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy.

> Huffpost: Our Oceans Are A Human Casualty (Dana Ellis Hunnes) Our agricultural runoff, oilrigs, plastic, fish-glut, and noises are killing the ocean.

> E & E News: EPA: Pruitt Will Launch Program To ‘Critique’ Climate Science (Emily Holden). U.S. EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is leading a formal initiative to challenge mainstream climate science using a “back-and-forth critique” by government-recruited experts, according to a senior administration official.

> Straits Times-Reuters: World Hunger On The Rise Again Due To Conflict And Climate: UN (Staff). A total of 19 countries are facing protracted crises, where conflict and violence are often combined with shocks such as drought or floods caused by global warming.


> STIR Magazine: A Care Economy (Ed Mayo). Many of the most important and fulfilling parts of our lives—such as parenting, neighborliness, and favors—are about care, even if they’re not conventionally classed as economic activity.

> MPR News: When It Comes To Recycling, You’re (Probably) Doing It Wrong (Tom Weber, Nancy Yang). Please stop tossing diapers, cellphones and plastic bags into your recycling bins, as well as batteries, garden hoses or electrical cords.

> Resource Insights: Can We Live Without Progress? (Kurt Cobb). When speaking of progress, we tend to leave out the side effects—some of them very dangerous. Could we stand the thought that tomorrow and the day after that and the day after that might feel endlessly the same, our personal power neither increasing nor diminishing—or worse yet, possibly diminishing somewhat over time.

> Environmental News Network: Are Your Fireworks Causing Pollution? (E.E. Smith). Our firework’s delightful explosions come with a hefty dose of pollution. It doesn’t have to be that way, though—in fact, many municipalities are seeking out alternatives that allow residents to enjoy the fun, minus the environmental impact.


Climate Action Events: Northwest Metro Climate Action, “Birds & Climate Change”, July 11;  Anoka Area Climate Action, MN’s Clean Energy Solutions to Climate Change, July 13See websites for details.

> Alliance For Sustainability: Linking Citizens, Congregations And Cities For Sustainable Communities. Extensive listings of Minnesota news, events, and projects:

> Transition Twin Cities: Events: Northern Spark Transition Message— 1st National Gathering of Transition Towns US—July 27-31, Macalester College, St. Paul. For info: (

> Citizen’s Climate Lobby: Regular Meetings And Events (; Meetings in 18 MN locations on the 2nd Saturday of each month to focus on bi-partisan Carbon Fee and Dividend Legislation36 members of the US House on the Climate Solutions Caucus are involved.

> Clean Energy Resources Teams (CERTS). MN Energy Stories & Upcoming Events;

> MN Environmental Partnership (MEP) Upcoming Environmental Events. See website: (search by month)

> MN350: Climate Campaigns And Projects. For a listing of campaigns, projects, and events, see:


> Resilience: Think Resilience – Preparing For The Rest Of The 21st Century. This course, consisting of 22 video lectures by Post Carbon Institute Senior Fellow Richard Heinberg, totaling about 4 hours), may be taken at your own leisure ($20). View the video.

> Conversation Earth: Conversation Earth–Exploring Our Place on the Planet (Dave Gardner, Interviewer). This weekly Radio Series & Podcast provides surprising perspectives from leading thinkers on the most important issues of our time. The latest: Surviving a Hostile Climate on Local Food and Local Food Revolution, with Michael Brownlee.

> World Population Balance: Overpopulation Podcast (Dave Gardner), Episode 9:Interview with Joel Pett, Pulitzer Prize editorial cartoonist; Episodes 1-8 are also available; Listen here;  One Planet, One Child (; Preview:

> WTS: Weathering The StormMichael Conley, Founder-Speaker-Author, Seminars & Presentations; Several offerings: News FlashNewsletterInformation ServicesOLLI Course Hand-outsBest PracticesBuy The Book (Lethal Trajectories)

> Population Growth: Population Clock – Poodwaddle World Clock. Watch the population increase minute by minute.

> Bloomberg News: Bloomberg Carbon Clock. A real-time estimate of the global monthly atmospheric CO2 level.

> US Debt Clock: U.S. National Debt Clock: Real Time. Every aspect of the economy is documented.

Happy Planet Index. The HPI Index measures what matters: sustainable wellbeing, life expectancy, inequality of outcomes, and ecological footprint. America limps in at a thoroughly miserable 108th. About the HPI

June CFS Meeting Notes

Other Notes

  • Wilshire Park and Community Center water conservation poster contest in the Fall
  • Ecology Club will return for 4th & 5th graders at Wilshire in Fall
  • Alan Anderson
  • Future idea: city ordinance
    • no styrofoam
    • compostables?
  • Middle/High School has recycling in lunchroom and ordering recyclable plastics
  • Spring Lake Park schools have a relationship with the local EMS–perhaps integrate in SAVNB
    • Reach out to the school board about some vocational training or at least some curriculum about autonomous vehicles/car programs.
  • “Beyond Earth Day: Fulfilling the Promise” – Gaylord Nelson
    • Written 30-some years after the beginning of Earth Day
    • “You show me pollution and I will show you people who are not paying their own way, people who are stealing from the public, people who are getting the public to pay their costs of production. All environmental pollution is a subsidy.”
      — Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
  • Parks Commission meeting to suggest renaming Parks and Sustainability Commission
  • Goodwill: Bring in your own bag, get 25% off

A4S meeting

  • Two meetings, one for staff and one for citizens
    • No SAV staff went to the staff one (AGENDA ITEM WITH JAY AND MARK?)
  • Ramsey County Commissioner is ready to get organics collection across Ramsey County
  • Ramsey County will pay for city drop off locations
    • ACTION ITEM: Try to find a Ramsey county location in SAV
  • Met Council is on board and WSB is in the know given the number of cities they work with being on board
  • U of M researcher on autonomous vehicles
    • rolling out in 10 years
    • autonomous cars won’t need to park
    • do not build any more parking ramps
    • will be electric
    • will need a sort of port so there’s no person needed
    • rather than parking lots, drop off lanes
    • incentive will be that insurance rates will go up for non-autonomous
  • Osseo was present despite being 1 sq mi

Village Fest

  • Have we signed up? Do we have two booths? Can we suggest an environment-themed section (with bees)? Solar non-profits (Ask Paul White)? Solar-powered wind turbine display? Solar thing?
  • Lona is point person
  • What should we do at the booth?
    • Something for kids
    • Seed packets
  • Put environmental related theme booths together
  • Electric car show
  • Parade
  • Free bike work by Recovery Bikes (William)
    • Electric-assist bike raffle

Upcoming Events

  • Transition Towns meeting 7/8/17 – 3pm
    • Tim Jordon (NE Transition Town), Michael R.
    • Council chambers. CFS Transition Forum
    • Invite: Connie Bernardy, A4S, papers, SAV display, etc.
    • Be ready with questions
  • Free screening of “From the Ashes”
  • DFL Senate District 41 Advocacy Fair in Fridley: 8/19
    • CFS could have a booth
  • Northern Spark Festival along the Green Line tonight

Friends of Parks update

  • See May notes–maybe start in the fall
  • Pollinator Pathway maintenance?
  • Future grants?

Scheduling a meeting with Mark/Jay

  • Two Tuesdays before next Parks meeting August 22. 7:30 or 8.
    • In advance of Sept 5

Social media discussion

  • Focus on Facebook.
  • Fix Facebook email tie-in

May Meeting Notes


  • Planning for Tuesday morning meeting with Jay and Mark (5/23)
    • Present ideas for organics collection
    • Comp plan feedback
    • Park planning (Friends of the Park idea)
    • Village Fest cross promotion?
  • Review of Earth Day
  • Updates on any projects/sub-committees


  • Planning for Tuesday morning meeting with Jay and Mark (5/23)
    • Kristin will check in with Jay and Mark about Tuesday’s meeting (5/23)
    • Where are we at with chickens/bees ordinances
    • Review of comp plan sustainability section
    • Friends of the Park–organize activities on events
    • VillageFest: Ask if city would coordinate with us on a booth and electric car show
      • plan to do walk again

Organics pickup

  • pilot area?
  • Perhaps push home composting
  • Incentivize organics pickup with cheaper trash pickup
  • When are the city hauler contracts up for review?
  • Check out Tacoma, WA’s program

City Council Meeting (5/23)

  • Michael will go in front of the city Tuesday to make his case for owning chickens

Friends of the Parks idea

  • Invite Friends of Roseville Parks to a future meeting (first Fridays 9am)
  • Invite Kristin S to talk about Woodbury at that day
  • Invite the city to attend this.
  • Add signs to parks where there will be a cleanup
    • Some funding from city for supplies/treats

Agenda for next time: June 10

  • VillageFest
  • Transition Towns meeting outside of CFS meeting (Clif will contact Leslie)
    • invite social justice groups