CFS July Meeting Notes

Village Fest (4th parade, 5th for booth)

  • Parade: Ask if walkers are interested
    • Candy
  • 3 messages: Organics, city council, electric cars
    • Tent (Kristin)
    • Which electric cars
    • Lona will get spots for cars and
  • Organics
    • Hauling it
    • Compost bin
      • Lona will bring examples of home compost
  • Questions for city council survey below
    • table-sized paper with markers
      • “What questions do you have for the city about your environmental concerns?”
    • Suggestion box
    • Clipboards with questions
    • Display city email address
  • Transportation Multi-modal
    • Bike (electric)–Mary and Clif talking to bike shops
    • Walk
    • Electric Vehicles

Surveying city council candidates

  • what questions could we ask of a city council/school board candidate?
    • We’re a citizen committee, you’re welcome to come to our September meeting, but we have some questions
    • Use Village Fest to generate questions
  • are there any folks in CFS interested?
    • Dan will write up a blurb about local engagement being a good way to get policy change
      • Get involved in Two city council positions are up in the fall, applications are ___
  • Ask city to make city council commitment clearer
    • Mary will check in with

Review of Transition Forum event

  • Lona and Dan provided a summary of the event
    • Meeting in people’s homes
    • Having guest speakers
    • Reach out to elder neighbors
    • Go to transition town national:

Updates from projects/sub-committees

  • Ecology Club will happen at Elementary and Middle
    • Jay and Erin met about water conservation campaign
    • Laura (school board)
  • Parks Commission presentation (Lona)
    • Propose a Parks Commission name change
    • Should we become part of the Parks Commission?
      • No, but we should attend every Parks Commission meeting
    • Propose a regular environmental update
    • Sustainability Fair
      • Make it a city thing

Village Fest booth: Michael will do early shift.

Registration for Parade/Booth

City Council candidates


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