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May Meeting Notes


  • Planning for Tuesday morning meeting with Jay and Mark (5/23)
    • Present ideas for organics collection
    • Comp plan feedback
    • Park planning (Friends of the Park idea)
    • Village Fest cross promotion?
  • Review of Earth Day
  • Updates on any projects/sub-committees


  • Planning for Tuesday morning meeting with Jay and Mark (5/23)
    • Kristin will check in with Jay and Mark about Tuesday’s meeting (5/23)
    • Where are we at with chickens/bees ordinances
    • Review of comp plan sustainability section
    • Friends of the Park–organize activities on events
    • VillageFest: Ask if city would coordinate with us on a booth and electric car show
      • plan to do walk again

Organics pickup

  • pilot area?
  • Perhaps push home composting
  • Incentivize organics pickup with cheaper trash pickup
  • When are the city hauler contracts up for review?
  • Check out Tacoma, WA’s program

City Council Meeting (5/23)

  • Michael will go in front of the city Tuesday to make his case for owning chickens

Friends of the Parks idea

  • Invite Friends of Roseville Parks to a future meeting (first Fridays 9am)
  • Invite Kristin S to talk about Woodbury at that day
  • Invite the city to attend this.
  • Add signs to parks where there will be a cleanup
    • Some funding from city for supplies/treats

Agenda for next time: June 10

  • VillageFest
  • Transition Towns meeting outside of CFS meeting (Clif will contact Leslie)
    • invite social justice groups

Upcoming Event – March 4: Conscientious Gardening

Native plants, pollinator habitat, vegetable gardening, watering wisely – all aspects of conscientious gardening that protect the environment, save time and encourage pollinators. Find out what how your yard can make a difference!

On March 4 from 10:00 to noon, we’ll gather in the Nativity Commons to share seeds and learn more about the Rusty Patched Bumble Bee (native to our area, and recently placed on the endangered species list). Other topics are using native plants, watering wisely and the Pollinator Pathway program in St. Anthony.

Master gardeners will be on hand to answer questions and we’ll have kid friendly activities too. Childcare is available.

All are welcome! Please contact Donna Steinwand (, Lona Doolan ( or Lynette Thompson ( for more information.